Ryas Endariff

Ryas is a man cursed from birth to blindness. Despite this severe handicap he is a duel wielding sorcerer who wandered to Descane from his home in Shaheed Ostijan. In a village outside of the city Ryas heard a commotion and went to investigate. He encountered two quasits or imps causing a ruckus. He attempted to banish them but witnesses thought he was controlling them. Ryas was arrested for demon summoning. In all likelihood he would have been sentenced to death by the mayor of Descane but instead Adamos and Odus broke him out of his cage before he faced trial.

Ryas eventually found his way to Green Well which was suffering from a plague. Ryas did not have the magical prowess necessary to thwart the plague and enlisted the PCs to help gather the ingredients for a mundane cure. Rather than travelling on Ryas has remained at Green Well and has taken on a dog as a familiar.

Technically speaking, Ryas is still a wanted criminal in Descane.

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