Remon Niell

An elderly man, Baron Remon Niell is known for his intelligence and savy in his administrations of his realm. Until recently his domain was generally peaceful. However, a new plague recently took its toll on the population. Bandit activity has been on the rise and Orcs another ill mannered races have been frequenting the reaches past Beckin Ridge to the west. In the process many of the Baron's guard have been killed in the line of duty leaving the Barony especially vulnerable.

Many years ago, the Baron lost his wife to a plague epidemic. Following this he lost both of his sons in a war to the Throne of Tulon. As such, Remon is actively seeking an heir to replace him. His relationship with his liege, Count Naemin LeVesser, is poor and the Baron fears that upon his death, should he have no heir, then Count Naemin LeVesser will inherit the Barony. Remon is critical of the way Count Naemin LeVesser treats the citizens of Descane and believes the Count would be even less fair to the people of Cosguard.

The Baron has shrewdly manipulated the local thieves guild in to keeping their activities at a minimum. He allows for just enough room so that no other, even worse guild is able to move in and take the place of the current one.

Currently the Baron is awaiting the payout of last year's harvest so he can reinvigorate the Barony's treasury and hire new guard to replace those lost. It is also his hope that he finds an heir in time to ensure the Barony's continued prosperity.

The Baron maintains a private estate of modest proportions. He is tended to by his butler, Tarred Rone. Others in his employ include a town crier named Garrick Norm and several town guards.

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