Qayin Pandaros

If one was to ask Qayin who the wittiest, slyest, most cunning person in town was, Qayin would undoubtedly answer that he was. To be sure he is a clever man. He runs the thieves guild of Cosguard and at least, according to Qayin, has manipulated Baron Remon Niell into largely leaving the guild alone to conduct its work. While Baron Remon Niell might disagree with that statement, there is little doubt that Qayin has shrewdly kept the guild and the town guard from being at each other's throats. Indeed, confrontations between the two end quickly and peacefully with guild members "breaking out" of prison in an appropriate amount of time.

That is not to say that Qayin can't be bested at times. Recently the primary Inn the guild operated from, the Chained Wench, was burned to the ground. This exposed a vulnerability in the guild's pseudo alliance with Baron Remon Niell. Now the town guard would not know where the guild conducted their affairs meaning the balance between the two shifted causing tension.

As part of the Chained Wench burning down was a plot in which Qayin was captured and replaced by a doppleganger. The doppleganger used Qayin's position to stir up trouble in Cosgaurd. Qayin escaped and with the help of the PC's, was able to defeat the doppleganger and expose him for what he was.

Qayin comes from a once noble family that has since fallen. Qayin is the last in the family line, except for some cousins such as Garion Pandaros, and does not have the wealth his family had. He still wields the family sword, a silver blade some believe may be divine in nature but has little else to show for his heritage except for his knack for leadership.

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