Naemin LeVesser

Count Naemin comes from a long line of LeVesser nobles. Under his great grandfather, House LeVesser began expanding its holdings through strategic marriages and force. Eventually the Prince of Tulan intervened curbing LeVesser ambitions. Now LeVesser nobles resort to less obvious means to obtain power.

Naemin had two sons. The younger, Corrin, died unexpectedly of unknown causes. His older son survives and is a knight in the service of the church of Daros much Naemin had been in his youth.

Naemin himself is proud and haughty. He believes it is his divine right to rule and he demands respect of those he sees as lesser than himself. He has been married five times shortly after the death of his current wife. This has caused some scandal as Naemin rarely waits for the proper grieving period before remarrying.

Some have criticized the Count for his inability, and some daresay, his refusal to police the south road through the Mirkwood. He has also been dogged by rumors of showing dislike for elves, dwarves, half elves and other non-human races in his county.

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