Klendan Otaro

Klendan Otaro is a local peasant from Cosguard. Hating working with his father, Klendan ran away from home. Not but two miles away, in Cosguard, he ran into Garion Pandaros. Garion hired Klendan as a servant and Klendan accompanied Garion on several adventures. One day while Garion Pandaros was busy working for another client, Klendan accepted a job from Mother Tien.

While on this quest, Klendan happened across the village of Clear Spring. He discovered a man named Isa Mor had fallen in with a group of Goblins from the underdark. Emboldened by his new friends, Isa slayed the village guard and took over the role of Sheriff. Klendan arrived in time to save one of Baron Remon Niell's personal guard from being hanged. With the aid of Carnaea, a yong village girl, Klendan was able to defeat the goblins and bring Isa Mor to justice.

Continuing his quest for Mother Tien, Klendan relied on Carnaea's help and the two have fallen in love and are now betrothed. Eventually Klendan found a relic of the Mage, Dorvala Wynn. What this relic is precisely is not known but Garion Pandaros has commented many times that such a thing does not belong in the hands of a farm boy.

Currently, Klendan has moved to Clear Spring where he is courting Carnaea.

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