Jelek Bordin

Jelek Bordin is a beggar and a thief. He is part of the local thieves’ guild. Unlike Cosguard, the thieves’ guild is hunted by the count and the guild actively seeks to undermine the authorities.

Jelek’s great, great aunt was a minor noble. She had married a man who became a wealthy merchant. When she died, the family did not inherit her titles because they had never been wealthy themselves. Much of his great great aunt’s fortune was taken by the House of Deltrain claiming some obscure kinship. That was a long time ago and technically legal. Jelek was caught red handed trying to steal a diamond brooch from Lady Deltrain’s jewelry box. He was imprisoned and probably would have been sentenced to death for the crime. Thanks to Adamos and Odus, Jelek escaped and is still living in Descane under the noses of the town guard.

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