Green Well

Green Well is a small community built within the Mirkwood by a group of people who disliked life under the rule of Count Naemin LeVesser in Descane. To be fair most of the people who set up the village were social outcasts, nonhuman, criminals, or pariahs for some other reason.

The village is small, extremely poor, and isolated. These traits have what kept it from being noticed by LeVesser and more importantly his taxmen.

Recently, the village suffered from a deadly plague. Ryas Endariff used his magic as a favored soul scorcerer to help save as many of the villagers as he could but he needed the PCs help to find a mundane cure which they did. Ryas Endariff offered the PCs two abandoned shacks in the village as compensation.

Also, the PCs used magic beans to invoke a number of effects near the town. Most importantly is the addition of the treant, Abel.

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