Garion Pandaros

Garion Pandaros is a recent addition to Cosguard. He hails from the capital city of Blackhold and is a cousin to Qayin Pandaros. Unlike Qayin's side of the family, the Pandaros family of Blackhold has thrived and prospered.

Garion has used some of his family's finances to purchase a building in Cosguard. He has set up a "magic shop" of sorts where he sells minor supposedly magical trinkets, spell components, arcane focuses, dispenses advice, and hires himself out to those who needs his serves. The Shop is called "The Wizard's Hand". As he has had a falling out with his family, Garion was sent by his father to Cosguard to establish a name for himself, bring honor to the fallen branch of the Pandaros family in Cosguard, and more importantly, to earn a fortune of the Pandaro family.

Shortly after arriving Garion's first mission took him to Beckin Ridge where he investigated the deaths of several local farmers. It turns out the deaths were caused by a werewolf old hermit woman living on the Ridge. Her motivations for the deaths were not clear but seem to have been related to her rejection from society. A farmhand from Blackhold named Cam Bristol followed Garion from Beckin Ridge and now serves as a friend and advisor to Garion.

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