Descane a county in the Tulan Principality, in the Theridan Empire. It is also a fairly large city at the base of Mount Owenor. The city is the seat of Count Naemin LeVesser and home to his castle, Severdaros. The city has a reputation for lawlessness. The mayor of Descane acts as the magistrate and with only one exception has he ever found anyone innocent of a crime. The main road to the coast, through the Mirkwood to the southeast, is known as a dangerous road filled with bandits and worse. Merchants often travel in convoys and hire guard of their own usually at a high cost.

Some special areas of interest include:
The Church of Daros maintains a large temple here called Nomtellah Hall. From this base the church administers its missions all across southern Tulan.

The Dods College is a forum for education. It is privately funded and has been criticized by Count Naemin LeVesser as being politically divisive. Some believe it is only a matter of time before he uses his guard to shut the college permanently.

The Tooth and Nail – squalid 7cp per night, not secure, large common area filled with drunks
The Hansom Orc – Poor, 1sp per night, not secure, filled with drug users and thieves. Poor condition rooms
The Dancing Maid – Modest, 5sp per night. Rooms lock and bar. Ok conditions.
The Abbot Barrel – Modest, 6sp per night. Rooms lock. Specialized local food and drink. Ok conditions.
The Winding Road – Comfortable, 8sp per night. Decent food and drink. Merchant worthy. Rooms secure.
The North Market Inn – Wealthy, 2gp per night. Wealthy merchants. Good food and drink. Secure and clean rooms.
The Count’s Chair – Aristocratic, 4gp per night. Wealthy merchants and others. Top-knotch food and drinks and rooms.

Important People
Count Naemin LeVesser- The lord of Descane
Bowen Reece- A freed murderer
Kreyus Ugarin- A Decane city guard dedicate to Luminar and ally of Odus
Lady Minzoan- A dealing in drugs and information
Ryas Endariff- A blind duel sword wielding scorcerer now in Green Well
Saszan- a deathwalker believed to be the son of Count Naemin LeVesser
Uldar Mack- a Wizard living in Descane
Salcane- A Sage at Dods College
Jelek Bordin- A member of the thieves guild
Abel- An old eccentric treant

Important Places
Green Well
Mirkwood- also referred to as the Gloommire

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