The Barony of Cosguard
Cosguard is a Barony within the County of Descane, in the Tulan Principality, in the Theridan Empire. It's capital is also called Cosguard, which is a small city situated on the Keyen River. It is surrounded by farms and has several villages and hamlets spread over its wide plains. To the north is the Brannan Wood, to the southwest is Beckin Ridge, and the Village of Clear Spring lies in the northwest. Beyond this to the west lies rolling hills and and a vast mountain range.

The Baron of Cosguard is Baron Remon Niell. The City is home to a thieves guild which is thriving since so many of the towns guard have died in the last year. The deaths are attributed to a recent patch of bad luck for the town including the plague and increased bandit attacks.

Important People
Baron Remon Niell- The Baron of Cosguard
Qayin Pandaros- Last son of the noble House of Pandaros. Also a rogue and a member of the thieves guild
Garion Pandaros- Wizard and minor noble of an offshoot of House Pandaros of Blackport
Cam Bristol- A former farmhand, companion to Garion Pandaros, and a monk
Mother Tien- Matriarch of the Tower of Jiva, the main church of Daros in Cosguard
Shanallae- Elven priestess of Luminar in Cathedral Elms in the Brannan Wood. Keeper of the Masryn.
Klendan Otaro- Former farmhand and local warrior hero in Clear Spring
Carnaea- Orphaned young farmer in Clear Spring
Jonus Paldrin- Iwen slave freed from a time trap now serving on Carnaea's farm
Dorvala Wynn- A mage from long ago.

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