Carnaea is a young woman from the Village of Clear Spring. Her parents died when the plague passed through the area a few years ago. Since then she has been on her own tending to the farm she grew up on. Unfortunately she is not physically up to the task all alone. Still she is headstrong and does not give up easily.

Recently an outcast member of the Village, Isa Mor, gained an uncharacteristic viciousness. He murdered the village sheriff and nearly killed one of Baron Remon Niell's personal guards who had come to investigate the Sheriff's murder. It was Carnaea who stepped in to stop the guard from being killed. It was then that she met the love of her life, Klendan Otaro. Klendan was able to stop Isa Mor and since then Klendan and Carnaea have been courting and are betrothed to be married. Carnaea has been a solid support for Klendan's many adventures and the couple are becoming a pillar of their community.

During his adventures Klendan earned a life debt from Jonus Paldrin, a man out of time. Jonus works on Carnaea's farm giving her the labor she needs to make the farm run the way it should.

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