Cam Bristol

Cam is a young street urchin who made his way to Beckin Ridge to escape city life on the streets. He had studied under a fighting expert there and is very proficient in unarmed combat. He feels the mix of street life and fighting made for a tough combination which would ultimately get him killed.

Cam enjoys his consumption of alcohol and can be found socializing most nights. This has earned him a certain reputation. Now that he has moved into Cosguard with Garion Pandaros, Cam has been trying to keep himself under control. Like Garion, Cam works at "The Mage's Hand" where, while he lacks knowledge of all things magical, he tends to charm the ladies in to buying things they don't need. He also lends out his services to those need strength over magic and has been known to freely help farmers who are unable to keep up with the work that needs doing on their farms.

Rumors abound that Cam is harboring a dark secret. Who is spreading these rumors, why and what that secret may actually be is as of now, unknown.

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