Bowen Reece

Bowen Reece was the son of a travelling guardsmen for hire. He accompanied his father until bandits waylaid the caravan and his father got killed in the battle. The bandits left Bowen alive as he was just a child. From then on Bowen grew up on the streets of Descane. He eventually joined the Count Naemin LeVesser's army. Seeing a bigger fortune to be had he joined a mercenary group and fought in the Aspela War on the side of Shoto. At one point he was grievously wounded and the commander withheld his pay. He left and returned to Descane a harden man. He met Deeya Karren and she fell in love with him. He worked at his father-in-law’s Inn, the Creaky Wheel. Wanting more and disliking the life of a married man he murdered both Deeya and her Father Code Karren. He was caught by a barmaid, Teeda.

Bowen was caught but during his trial the mayor of Descane did the unthinkable and set Bowen free. Bowen's current whereabouts are unknown.

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