Aza Daelin

Aza Adaelin is a unique city in Athia. It is one of the largest cities in the Theridan Empire and is the largest in Tulan. Aza Adaelin boast several features not commonly found elsewhere.

Over a hundred and fifty years ago the hero Victarin Dei came to the small town of Southgate. He learned a blue dragon that lived nearby has been wreaking havoc on the countryside and so Victarin sought to defeat the creature.

The battle between dragon and paladin lasted a long time and was in a stalemate. Victarin knew blue dragons would keep their word once given so he struck a bargain with the beast. Both Southgate and the dragon would ally themselves and pledge to protect one another. A formal contract was drawn up and both sides agreed to the terms.

Under the dragon’s watchful eye and influence, Southgate grew rapidly. It was redubbed Aza Adaelin, which means City of Sapphires in the ancient tongue. To this day Sathinsar, the blue dragon, resides in a heavily fortified fortress carved in to the cliffs in Aza Adaelin. The fortress is called Victarin Hall and an entire legion of Aza Adaelin troops is assigned to protect the hall.

Surrounding the Hall is the Dragon Gate. A fortification in its own right, Dragon Gate is presided over by a Keeper, a mostly administrative official who is responsible for Dragon Gate, monitoring access to Sathinsar, collecting associated fees, and acting as an ambassador between Sathinsar and the Earl of Aza Adaelin. The current Keeper is Bren Landar, who until his appointment as Keeper was a minor noble in Aza Adaelin. As Keeper, Bren Landar wields a great deal of influence.

The Earl of Aza Adaelin is Doma Daranel. Technically the Earl is a Regent acting in the stead of the Ducal crown of Adaelin. The crown has been vacant for the last seventy years. The last duke was Kalner Dei, a direct descendant of Victarin Dei. Kalner and his family were slaughtered by Ben Dali assassins. The body of his son Koen was never found and many speculate that the Ben Dali took him as a hostage. Whatever the case the crown of the duke of Adaelin was left vacant and the Earl of Camminear took over Aza Adaelin as Regent and Warden.

Today, Aza Adaeling is a center of commercialism. The city borders the Ostijahni Desert to the south and southern Tulan to the north and east. Overland trade routes move along the Broz Road leading south, the Sand Road leading west, the Black road leading north, and the Keyen Road leading east. This has made Adaelin a very wealthy providence. In recognition of this, the Prince of Tulan and even the Imperial Throne tread lightly around any subject concerning Aza Adaelin.

This autonomy has led to Aza Adaelin becoming a democracy. Its citizens (as denoted by having the mark of the Dragon Horn tattooed on them) can go to the Palindrome, a forum for public discourse and passing of laws in Adaelin. This has given the citizens of Aza Adaelin unprecedented freedom in the face of a larger country that is mostly feudal.

There are many inns and sights to see in Aza Adaelin. There is a saying amongst the people there. If you want value, do not stay at any inn with the name dragon in it. If you want to avoid trouble, stay away from any place with the name hunter in it.
The Pallindone Forum- Any citizen is allowed to speak here on political matters. There is a center court where one speaks but unless very influential several other gathers will be taking place in the stands.

Inns- Modest Inns- Cheap Inns- Expensive
The Dragon Wing The Dragon’s Den The Adrian Asheen
The Blue Talon The Rising Dragon The Crown and Sceptre
The Dragon Bolt Lightning Dragon and Fire South Market Square
The Blue Dragon The Hunter’s Watch
The Great Gate The Sword and Hunter Blood

The Vallossa Cathedral- A massive structure that dominates the skyline of Aza Daelin. This is the chief temple to Daros.

There are a few rules in Aza Adaelin. At the cities gates all people are told:

1. No horses are allowed in to the inner city.
2. Only citizens are allowed to speak at the Pallindrone.
3. By public decree it is illegal to speak ill of Sathinsar or insult him in any way.
4. Citizens and guests are allowed to speak freely in Aza Daelin but by public decree conspiracy and sedition is illegal.

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